About the App

There wasn't an app for that, so we made one...

There are comprehensive language-learning programs for adults, and videos, games and apps geared toward children ages 3 and up. But we discovered that there was a gap: There were no language-learning tools for parents who wanted to learn or improve their second language skills while also teaching their children. So we set about to create one, and in the process, we created MamaLingua, LLC.

About MamaLingua

We’re moms and dads with an abiding interest in language-learning and travel. We want our kids to grow up with an understanding of more than one language and one culture.

We believe that learning a second language feeds the brain and the heart. When you learn another language, you not only learn a new way to communicate, you learn new ways of perceiving the world.

Our Team

MamaLingua grew up out of a Meetup group called “Learn Spanish with Your Babies.” Aileen Passariello-McAleer was raised in a bilingual household, and she wanted to ensure that her kids learned Spanish. As her spouse doesn’t speak the language, she knew she needed to create a way for her young children to be regularly exposed to it, so she set about forming a weekly gathering for moms with a similar interest.


After fruitless searches online for programs and apps, Christia Madacsi Hoffman found herself looking for exactly that kind of group. With a background in French, she had wanted to learn Spanish for years, and felt it was especially important to give her daughter a head start with the language. But she couldn’t find any relevant content anywhere. After attending Aileen’s Meetup group, the two women realized there were a lot of moms and dads out there who would benefit from access to the information Aileen was creating each week. And they discovered they had the complementary skills to make that happen.

MamaLingua Co-Founders Aileen Passariello-McAleer and Christia Madacsi Hoffman

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