Discover Cascarones – a Mexican Tradition

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What are cascarones? This fun Mexican tradition is said to have originated in Asia. Today, these festive confetti eggs have become popular in the US on Easter.

I grew up speaking Spanish and English, but as my English improved, my Spanish didn’t. And while I have Hispanic heritage, I’ve often felt that I’m not “Latin enough.” When I applied for an international job and discovered how little Spanish I really knew, I committed to increasing my fluency.

I'm often asked what Spanish immersion camps I recommend for kids. I recently learned about the perfect combo – a Spanish immersion camp for kids combined with a beach vacation for adults in Cancun, Mexico, offered through Dual Language Family. (Sign me up!)

The songs of childhood help us acquire language and learn all sorts of things, like numbers and colors. This week, contributor Emily Hunsberger suggests these five simple songs in Spanish to learn with your kids.

"I’m not a native English or Portuguese speaker, and so I was concerned by the linguistic theories that advise against speaking a language to a child that isn’t your native language... Theories said one thing, but personal experience had shown something else."

When I decided to teach mamas the Spanish they needed to know for their daily routines with their child, I wanted to make it easy for them to plant the seeds for language learning. It became my goal to both find and create the resources we all needed – and empower parents to raise bilingual kids in the U....

There’s something magical that happens when an entire community values and takes pride in bilingualism in all its forms. I see raising my kids bilingual as doing my part to spread a little bit of that magic around.

Back when my parents immigrated to the U.S., their goal was to learn English as quickly as possible. And they raised us to be fluent Spanish speakers while they became fluent in English. So why was I so surprised when my parents would only respond to my bilingual kids in English?!

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