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A second language is an advantage you can give your kiddo starting in their first year. But how do you teach a second language if you don’t know one yourself? Learn words and phrases you'll use every day with MamaLingua.

Vocabulary and Phrases for Parents

With MamaLingua, you’ll learn vocabulary and phrases you can use every day with your kids.

MamaLingua is designed for parents of little ones, and it’s the only app of its kind.

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Everyday Routines

The app is divided into 18 categories that cover everyday routines with young children, with more than 900 words and phrases in Spanish. (And did we mention the app is bilingual? Switch modes to learn English!)

Text, Phonetics
and Audio

Each vocabulary word and phrase includes Spanish and English text, easy-to-read phonetics and audio. The Spanish audio features a native of Mexico and the English audio features a native of the United States.

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How Do I Use It?

We like the idea of targeting one routine at a time. Save your practice words and phrases to your favorites list and use them during that routine. Over time, those words will start to stick, and your little one will learn them, too. Tah-dah! Language acquisition! Want more ideas? Check this out.

How Does It Differ from Other Apps?

If you’ve used another app to begin learning Spanish, terrific! MamaLingua can be used right alongside it. The difference between other language-learning apps and MamaLingua is the specific focus on language you use every day with your young kids. It’s the only app of its kind.

Will I Confuse My Child?

Like you, we’ve heard a lot about early language development. We even wondered whether or not our kiddos would get confused learning a second language while learning their first one. Nope! Read more about it here.

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