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Favorite of the Week

Updated: May 3, 2019

A Qué Sabe la Luna

Michael Grejniec

Spanish Picture Book


Age: 3-8

Perfect for Read-Aloud and Beginner Spanish


SALE $24.99

When kids are small, they have a hard time understanding the value and benefits of working together as a team. As our education system shifts from individual output to team-based, collaborative projects, it's important to instill how a goal can be achieved cooperatively.

"¿A Qué Sabe Luna?" is a beautifully illustrated book about a group of animals that work together to reach – and taste – the moon. Only together are they able to achieve their goal, as they stand on each other’s backs.

Each page uses repetition to help children understand and reinforce vocabulary, including animal names and directions.

This is a great book for Spanish beginners. I’ve used it many times during Spanish story time, and I’ve incorporated stuffed animals to increase the level of participation of younger children. This is also a great book to begin discussing concepts about the moon, what it’s really made of, and whether or not we can reach out and touch it.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Make sure to comment below.

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