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Bilingual Mom: Natalia Sepulveda

This Puerto Rican couple who live in Florida are motivated to raise their son bilingual and with a strong connection to their heritage.

What's your bilingual story?

I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in Spanish and Latin American Literature. I'm originally from Puerto Rico, and I live in Florida with my husband, where I'm a stay-at-home mom with my bilingual son Ezra.

I recently started my blog, Bilingual Lifestyle (@bilinguallifestyle), which features my journey as a mother and wife living a bilingual lifestyle. My husband and I are also both Resource Youth Pastors in our community.

Why did you decide to raise bilingual children?

Raising bilingual children is a priority for me and my husband. As he says, "That's why I married a Spanish major – to guarantee my children would speak Spanish!" Spanish is not only a language, it's our identity – it's how we can connect with our family and our culture.

What has kept you motivated?

My family, especially my husband, have kept me motivated to raise our son bilingual. My whole family speaks to Ezra in Spanish, and they always encourage me to keep it up! And I love seeing my husband's excitement over how our son will know and identify with his Puerto Rican culture.

Any words of advice for our community?

Make learning fun! Be playful with your children as they become bilingual. Plan bilingual play dates so your kids can practice their second language. And for yourself, be sure to make friends with other bilingual families so you can support each other.

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