Prepare for when kids come back to school in the fall! 


Every semester, we work with Lorito Books to choose our favorite new book titles. We carefully select a range of new picture books and chapter books from Latin America and Spain for Pre-K through 5th grade. Our curated package for Fall 2020 is a great addition to your school library once we are back in school in the fall! Shipping is included. 


1. Conejo y la motocicleta

By Kate Hoefler, Hardcover, Ages 3–7


2. Dinosaurios acorazados

By Guiseppe Brillante & Anna Cessa, Library Bind, Ages 8–11


3. El circo de las nubes

By Estrella Ortiz, Hardcover, Ages 3–7


4. Gato negro, gato blanco

By Claire Garralon, Hardcover, Ages 3–5


5. El gallina y el monstruo

By Triunfo Arciniegas, Hardcover, Ages 4–7


6. La cometa de los sueños

By Pilar López Ávila & Paula Merlán, Hardcover, Ages 5–8


7. La historia de un pupitre vacío

By Gabriela Peyron, Library Bind, Ages 10–11


8. La llama artesana

By Mike Kerr, Hardcover, Ages 2–6


9. Lucy y el hilo

By Vanessa Roeder, Hardcover, Ages 3–7


10. Mala espina

By Polly Dunbar, Hardcover, Ages 3–6


11. Óscar y el murmullo del monte

By Marcos Almada Rivero, Library Bind, Ages 4–8


12. Pequeño Botón

By Paula Merlán, Hardcover, Ages 3–7


13. Un Zorro

By Kate Read, Hardcover, Ages 2–5


14. Una cerdita llamada Mercy

By Kate DiCamillo, Hardcover, Ages 3–7


15. Viajeros extraordinarios / Roque

By Gastón Hauviller, Hardcover, Ages 5–8


SPRING 2020 Spanish Book Collection


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