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Here at MamaLingua, we often hear from teachers and parents who say they need more resources to help them talk to their kids about their feelings. While we often rely on "feliz" and "triste" – happy and sad – there are so many more words we can teach our kids to help them understand and name their emotions.

These days, social-emotional learning – SEL – is incorporated throughout classrooms in how teachers speak to children and address conflict resolution. Books like El Libro de los Sentimientos and our emotions magnets equip parents and teachers with the resources they need to help our kids address challenging feelings and name emotions of all kinds.


El Libro de los Sentimientos

El Libro de los Sentimientos is a real-world fiction book about emotions. Sam y Cati are siblings who feel a lot of different emotions, just like every other kid. The book describes when they feel them, what they feel like, and how they manage them.


Emotional Amigos Magnets

¿Cómo te sientes? How are you feeling? It's a key question that can help kids begin to name their emotions and learn how to respond to them.


This product was inspired by a local dual language classroom, where every morning our beloved teachers ask the circled kiddos, "Comó te sientes?" Now you can use our Emotional Amigos magnets to have these conversations with your kids, and support their social-emotional, bilingual learning.


This magnet set includes 9 sturdy emotions magnets, a translation guide and three estar verb forms for matching – plus a lap-size magnet board, just right for small hands!


Learn how to say excited, happy, nervous, sad, sick, surprised, tired, upset, and worried in Spanish! 



SEL Package - Emotions Magnets and Book


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