Social and emotional learning is becoming widely acknowledged as a critical component in raising well-adjusted kids. Teaching kids the right language to use helps them deal with strong emotions when they arise. This collection was carefully selected with Lorito Books, with some of our favorites and must-haves. 


See also our favorite of the week: El Monstruo de Colores, which is included in this collection. 


Titles included in this collection:

  1. El Monstruo de Colores by Anna Llenas (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)
  2. El Monstruo de Colores va al Cole by Anna Llenas (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)
  3. ¿Qué nos hace felices? by Marie-Agnès Guadrat (Pre-K - 3nd Grade)
  4. El libro de los sentimientos by Amamda McCardie (K-3rd Grade)
  5. Lejos, lejos de casa by Rachel Woodworth (Pre-K-3rd Grade)
  6. ¿Qué me esta pasando? by Marc Parrot Authentic Spanish (K-3rd Grade)
  7. ¡Qué rabia de juego! by Maritxell Marti (Pre-K-2nd Grade) Authentic Spanish 
  8. ¡Adiós tristeza! by Maritxell Marti (Pre-K-2nd Grade) Authentic Spanish 
  9. Los atrevidos en el pais de los unicornios by Elsa Punset (2nd - 4th Grade) Authentic Spanish 
  10. Rita, la pajarita miedosa by Tülin Kozikoğlu (Pre-K-2nd Grade)



Social & Emotional Learning Collection


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