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Make the Kitchen Your Classroom

I love my kitchen. It’s where I start and end the day with my family. It’s also a great place for learning. Because what we do in the kitchen is routine — from food prep to meal times — it’s a great place to practice a new language.

You can use the “Eating & Drinking” category in the MamaLingua app to practice words and phrases you use in the kitchen every day, and it’s easy to add items to your Favorites list for quick reference. Here’s a fun way to take it one step further.

My Tip: Translate your grocery list into Spanish.

Write out your grocery list, then use the app — and/or Google Translate — to translate it into Spanish. By writing the words in Spanish, then using the list at the store, you’re reinforcing your learning twofold. And if you want to get old-school about it, write the list in two columns, fold it in half and test yourself by just referencing the Spanish translation. Over time, you’ll start to easily interchange “apples” and “manzanas,” “pears” and “peras,” “grapes” and “uvas.” At the checkout, try reciting your word list as you put the items on the conveyor belt, then do it again as you put the groceries away at home. The household chores are a lot more interesting when you have a reason to engage your brain at the same time.

Get your children involved, too. (And if they’re old enough, try making it a game: Who will be first to remember the word for “pineapple?” Who can name the most vegetables in Spanish? How many colors can you use to describe a mango?) And integrate the vocabulary into your routine. Pass me “el jugo.” Be careful with the “huevos.” Do you want some “leche” with your “biscocho?” With a little creativity, there’s always a way to practice and learn.

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