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Bilingual Box: Language Learning at Your Doorstep!

We recently received our first Bilingual Box, a subscription box of Spanish and English learning materials for kids. Read on for our review!

We recently received our first delivery from Bilingual Box, a monthly subscription box of learning materials in Spanish and English designed for kids. To my surprise, included with the materials were two little cloth bags with each of my children’s names on them and corresponding letter blocks inside. This made a great first impression: My kids felt as if the materials were designed especially for them – and they were excited to dig in!

When I told them that this box would help us practice Spanish together, my son, who is in a dual language program, was immediately ready to show off his abilities. He was quickly on his way to filling out worksheets on his own and paging through an included workbook to look up Spanish words that begin with “s,” the first letter in his name. And the included materials were broad enough to offer activities for both of my kids. My daughter, who is in preschool, is still mastering her letters and sounds. She used the materials to trace her name and practice her fine motor skills, and together we read through a picture workbook of Spanish vocabulary.

The creator of Bilingual Box is a passionate multilingual educator and teacher who has worked in dual language classrooms in both the U.S. and South America. She has advanced degrees in curriculum and instruction – and she speaks four languages. “I admire parents’ dedication to supporting their children academically,” she says. “But as a teacher, I felt frustrated that I didn’t have the time or resources to support parents that were interested in developing their children’s bilingualism outside of school.” Thus, Bilingual Box was born.

As a bilingual mom, I honestly never thought I would make good use of something like this. As it turns out, having specific lessons and activities arrive in the mail saves me from looking things up on Pinterest or coming up with language related activities on my own. Most importantly, though, it’s a learning experience that my kids happily anticipate – and one that we can share. When they see the box, they know it’s time to work on our Spanish together!

During the holiday break, we had a lot of downtime at home, but I still wanted to get some things done on my computer. When I told my kids, “Necesito trabajar!” my daughter would pick up her Bilingual Box and say, “Yo también tengo que trabajar!” and proceed to work with the materials. Mission accomplished!

If you want to incorporate Spanish learning at home, I highly recommend this product. Each box includes a lesson and instructions for how to get started and use the materials in different ways. I’ve enjoyed seeing how much Spanish my son actually knows, and watching my daughter expand her vocabulary. (Plus, she sees her brother get excited about learning and speaking Spanish! How great is that?!) I've discovered that learning at home together is even more fun when you have a plan in place!

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