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Recommended Children's Books for Spanish Readers: The Oscar Series

Books are an important tool for language acquisition and development. This month, we're featuring one of my favorite collections – and it comes at a really good price!

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Mexican native Marcos Almada Rivero has been fascinated by caricatures and animals since childhood. In his “Oscar” series, his animals come to life as they face struggles and challenges most kids can relate to. I’ve enjoyed every title in the series, and each book has led to a discussion about what we learned from the story. Check 'em out!

Oscar el Gran Actor

Oscar the opossum wants to be an actor. In this book, Oscar discovers how pursuing his dream takes practice – and that he’s really good at playing dead! BUY NOW!

Oscar y el Rey del Lodo

While playing with his friends, Oscar decides he wants to be “king,” but his friends aren’t interested in being told what to do. When he meets a real king, Oscar discovers it’s more fun to share and play with friends than to rule. BUY NOW!

Oscar y el Toro Dorotea

Oscar isn’t fond of his new little sister. He decides to run away, but she follows him. When his sister falls in the river and is rescued, he realizes how lucky he is to have her. BUY NOW!

Oscar y la Mascara Misteriosa

Oscar has a mask that he enjoys playing with, but at night it haunts his dreams. In his journey to discover the creature behind the mask, he faces his fear and makes a new friend. BUY NOW!

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