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Spanish Books: The Anti-Princess Collection

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As a Latina, I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know much about artist Frida Kahlo – much less musician Violeta Parra and military leader Juana Azurduy.

I simply hadn’t been taught about these amazing Latin American figures. The “anti-princesses” children’s book collection has been a wonderful introduction to these women.

While the first book in the series was published in 2013, these stories have come to my attention at the perfect time, when women the world over are feeling increasingly empowered. Like so many mothers, I want my young daughter to grow up believing she’s capable of whatever she wants to achieve – that nothing is off limits to her because of her gender. While these books are advanced for a four-year old, they offer a great way to get the conversation started:

¡Juana Azurduy es valiente! Ella peleaba para proteger su gente.”

"Juana Azurduy is brave. She fought to protect her people.”

While I’m verbally bilingual, I’m still working on my Spanish reading fluency. Of course, the more I read, the better I get. Through this collection, I not only get to develop my language skills, I get to learn the stories of powerful women and talk with my kids about how barriers can be broken both personally and culturally. The included questions and activities serve as prompts to examine personal attributes, experiences, and creativity.

With insight into the lives of Frida, Violeta, and Juana, I have a fresh understanding of the pride people from their home countries feel for these women. And as I watch my daughter at her art table, spending hour upon hour drawing and imagining, I see how their stories can inspire her to follow her dreams.

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Books del Sur is a wonderful distributor that works with dual language programs across the nation, providing them with authentic material to build Spanish literacy among young readers. If you're interested in their extensive list, please visit their website. Books are categorized by grade level, making it easy to make the right selection.

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