Use the MamaLingua App
Complement Your Child's Preschool Program

Many preschools offer a daily, weekly or monthly Spanish-language experience for young children, and thousands of children across the U.S. are enrolled in Spanish-language immersion programs. But what about the parents? Now while children are away learning, parents can be learning, too. Use MamaLingua English/Spanish to complement your child's language education.

Get the MamaLingua app.
Create a Habit

Make language-learning a daily habit! We recommend that you install the app in your phone dock or on your most frequently accessed apps screen so that you'll remember to use it throughout the day. Use the app while going about your regular routines with your child, or plan one time every day to work with your little one and learn.

Form a Meetup Group

The idea for the app started through Meetup, and we still think it's a great way of getting like-minded parents and caretakers together. The great thing about using the app in a group setting is that there are often people with varied levels of ability. So those who are completely new to the language might learn pronunciation techniques or regional variations from a new friend. And the little ones get even more exposure to the language. Create a community of learning!

Work with Your Caretaker

If you have a caretaker for your child who is proficient in Spanish, or even just beginning to learn the language, incorporate the app into your childcare routine.


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