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Common Sense Media:
MamaLingua Lite

"Unique system to learn language and teach it to kids... The app focuses on language parents use every day with their kids like vocabulary and phrases to use at mealtime, bath time, and during a long list of other everyday routines."


Common Sense Media: 3 apps recomendadas por maestros para ayudar a los niños pequeños aprender inglés

MamaLingua es una aplicación educativa de referencia de idiomas diseñada para padres que desean aprender un segundo idioma mientras se lo enseñan a sus hijos pequeños.



​Jo Jacks Travel:
MamaLingua App Review – Learn Spanish Together

"There are so many apps out there for teaching children in school grades Kindergarten to High-School, and beyond.  But there are not as many that focus on the age group that absorbs new language and vocabulary the fastest: the babies and toddlers!  As a mother of a 2 year old and 3 year old, I found the Mama Lingua app perfect."

​Mommy Maestra:
MamaLingua Language-Learning App Now on Android

"Summer is the perfect time to teach your child Spanish or English. Better yet, learn together as a family! MamaLingua is finally on Android!"

​Maritere Rodriguez Bellas:
MamaLingua: A Language-Learning App for Parents Raising Bilingual Children

"The beauty of this app is that it includes a curated list of relevant words and phrases used during daily routines with children."

​Hispanic Mama:
6 Tips to Learn Spanish When You Are an Adult

"... A great starting point for adults learning Spanish and for parents wanting to raise bilingual children without having the knowledge... I like that the Spanish voice is clear, accurate and doesn’t sound robotic."

Retobilingüe: MamaLingua App Bueno pues el día de hoy hablaremos de un recurso para padres monolingües y bilingües  que se ha convertido en mi mano derecha en la educación bilingüe para aprender expresiones cotidianas, aunque siendo muy sinceros no había visto el potencial que tiene esta app tan sencilla, pero con mucho impacto en la educación de tus hijos, pues algo tan sencillo puede lograr que tus hijos sean bilingües.


Television Interviews

Spectrum News:
Parents Aim to Teach Kids Spanish

with Carlos Garcia


Despierta AUSTIN

with Leslie Montoya (en español)

Podcast Interviews

Bilingual Avenue:
Learning Parenting Lingo as a Non-Native Speaker

"On this episode of Bilingual Avenue, I chat with the creator of MamaLingua about her personal experience raising bilingual kids in a non-native language. We also talk about the wonderful app  that she has developed for other non-native parents!"

​Breaking Espanol:
An Interview with Aileen Passariello-McAleer

"This week we have a very special guest, Aileen Passariello McAleer, a co-founder of our favorite app, Mama Lingua! Aileen shares her story of growing up bilingual with her parents and three siblings."

Entredos Podcast: Learning Spanish with the Kids. 

This week on Entre Dos, we talk to Aileen Passariello-McAleer, of Mama-Lingua. She talks to us about her app, which is aimed at teaching both parents and kids Spanish, as well as her new book Simon Goes To School, which tackles the joys and challenges of attending a dual language school.

The Cultured Kid: How to Teach Spanish as a Non-Native Household  

Today's guest is Aileen Passiello-Mcaleer - Venezuelan-Italian, mama of two, born and raised in the US. Aileen grew up in a Spanish speaking household but spent most of her life and school speaking English so while bilingual was the norm in her household, it wasn't until Aileen had her children, that she knew she wanted to pass Spanish onto them.

Newspaper and Magazine Profiles

Austin Woman Magazine:

Mom's the Word

with Alessandra Rey

Austin American-Statesman: Want to Teach Your Tot Spanish? MamaLingua App Can Help

with Nicole Villalpando

Built in Austin
7 Austin-based female entrepreneurs launching companies with a global impact

with Kelly O'Halloran

Commercial Cafe

18 Women-Led Companies You Need To Checkout in Austin, TX

Front Porch Stapleton:
Using an App to Teach Your Baby Spanish

with Courtney Drake-McDonough

Blog Profiles

Think Bilingual Austin:
Learn to Be Bilingual by iPhone: The Story of MamaLingua

with Meera Lea de Mel



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